We are a team of cruise industry professionals, experienced managers and enthusiastic strategists passionate about contributing to our clients’ growth.

At L&B CruiseOps, we are all about implementing strategies that are designed to grow our clients’ assets while generating stable and consistent returns. We have a highly motivated and well-balanced management team with a combined industry experience of more than 100 years.

With our unique portfolio development and management services, we are on our way to becoming an option no independent or up and coming cruise company should ignore.

Meet Your New Best Friends, Our Gurus.

David Levey
David LeveyPartner/Outsourced Services Expert
David Levey is an accomplished hospitality expert with over three decades of experience in delivering exceptional and innovative solutions. With a keen understanding of guest preferences, Levey consistently achieves outstanding results in both service and revenue.

Throughout his career, Levey has focused on the hospitality industry, primarily with Casinos & Cruise Lines, but his expertise extends to all revenue and customer service sectors, including Gift Shops, Beauty Salons, Spas, Bars, Restaurants, Video Arcades, Sports Betting, Lotteries, Photo & Video Departments. He has worked in various locations worldwide, from land-based casinos in Scotland, England, Australia, Nicaragua & Costa Rica, to the cruise lines of Carnival, NCL, Crown Cruises, Regent Cruises, Premier Cruises, Pullmantur, Croisières de France & Jalesh Cruises. His expertise spans across different regions, including the UK, France, Portugal & Spain, North, Central & South America, and India.

With his wealth of experience and profound understanding of the industry, David Levey is a valuable asset to any hospitality team seeking to elevate their service and increase their revenue.

Robert Brassai
Robert BrassaiPartner/Casino Expert
Robert Brassai, consultant, strategist and gaming expert. Robert is the founding principal of the gaming consulting firm “Sense4gaming.”
Robert, a leading casino executive has used his wealth of experience to establish and transform many casino businesses. In the past 25 years he has opened and managed properties for some of the industry’s leading companies like Sun International, Queenco and Kerzner International.

We Thrive Ourselves On Creativity, Insight & Determination

We Are Creative

We base our approach on our substantial hands on experience to which we apply new industry trends, data science and some ingenuity to supply uniquely profitable solutions to everyday and unforeseen problems…..

We Have Insight

We are constantly in touch with leading industry peers, the movers and shakers and gurus of the cruise industry to stay relevant. All our decisions are based on up to date knowledge.

We Are Determined

We take our commitments very seriously. All our projects are managed in a professional and thorough manner, keeping timelines and delivering first class solutions ALWAYS.

We’re Here To Help Your Business Blast Off!

Through Creative Ideas, Innovation & Sheer Determination

**L&B CruiseOps Commitments Statement**

At L&B CruiseOps, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of excellence and responsibility in our operations within the cruise industry. Our dedication to equality and the environment is not only an integral part of our corporate identity but also a cornerstone of our approach to business. Through these commitments, we aim to contribute positively to the industry, society, and the planet.

**1. Equality Commitments:**

We firmly believe in the principles of equality, diversity, and inclusion. Our commitment to equality encompasses:

– **Diverse Workforce:** We strive to maintain a diverse and inclusive workforce that reflects the richness of the global community. We value the unique perspectives, experiences, and talents that each individual brings to our organization.

– **Equal Opportunities:** L&B CruiseOps provides equal employment opportunities to all individuals, regardless of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, or any other characteristic protected by applicable laws.

– **Non-Discrimination:** We stand against all forms of discrimination, harassment, and prejudice. Our work environment is one that fosters respect and fairness for every employee and stakeholder.

**2. Environmental Commitments:**

We are committed to being responsible stewards of the environment and minimizing our ecological footprint. Our environmental commitments include:

– **Sustainable Practices:** L&B CruiseOps operates in accordance with sustainable practices to minimize the impact of our operations on the environment. We prioritize the efficient use of resources, reduction of waste, and responsible sourcing.

– **Carbon Footprint Reduction:** We continually strive to reduce our carbon emissions through the adoption of cleaner technologies, efficient energy management, and a focus on sustainable transportation and logistics.

– **Marine Conservation:** As a casino company operating within the cruise industry, we recognize the importance of protecting marine ecosystems. We collaborate with industry partners and organizations to ensure the conservation of marine life and the reduction of pollution in our oceans.

**3. Ethical Business Practices:**

We are dedicated to conducting our business with the utmost integrity and ethics:

– **Transparency:** We maintain transparent business practices, providing clear and accurate information to our customers, employees, and stakeholders. Our commitment to transparency builds trust and confidence in our operations.

– **Responsible Gaming:** As a casino company, we prioritize responsible gaming practices, implementing measures to prevent problem gambling and providing support to those in need.

**4. Continuous Improvement:**

We recognize that commitments to equality and the environment are ongoing endeavours:

– **Monitoring and Reporting:** We regularly monitor and assess our progress toward our commitments. We maintain transparent reporting mechanisms to communicate our achievements and areas for improvement to stakeholders.

– **Adaptation and Innovation:** L&B CruiseOps actively seeks opportunities to innovate and adopt new technologies and practices that align with our commitments. We remain flexible in adapting to changing circumstances and global challenges.

In adhering to these commitments, L&B CruiseOps aspires to lead by example within the cruise industry. We understand that our success is intertwined with the well-being of our employees, passengers, communities, and the planet. Through our unwavering dedication to equality and the environment, we aim to contribute positively to a sustainable and equitable future for all.

*This Commitments Statement is effective as of 1st of August, 2023 and will be regularly reviewed and updated to ensure its relevance and alignment with our goals and values.*